Old River Islands #1

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In this area, adjacent to Connection Slough, there are several various-sized islands in the Old River channel. They support a lush freshwater marsh. Cattails, Typha sp., California bulrush, Scirpus californicus, and other species are present on most of the island area. In some portions Juncus sp. and willow, Salix spp., thickets are found. There are locally abundant areas of introduced species, Iris sp., Arundo donax, and others.

Among the numerous animals found in the area, mink, Mustela vison, have been observed here.

The islands are subject to periodic flooding.

Integrity: A portion of one of the islands is being farmed, and there are navigational aids on some of the islands. The channel has been dredged and leveed.

Use: Private

January 1977

Inventory of California Natural Areas
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